The youth pastor and I are starting up a couple of youth worship bands (we hope); one for middle school kids (known as Junior High in the US) and one for high school kids. I'm pretty well up to date on worship songs for church congregations, but I wouldn't mind hearing from everyone which songs will be good for a youth band to start learning.

I'm looking for both upbeat rocking tunes and quieter meditative ones. Also songs that will call the youth to action, to begin to see the heart of God towards those who are suffereing.

Both the youth pastor and I want this to be a time of discipling as well as teaching music to the teams.

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Here are the ones we use with our youth group. We have pre-school thru High School together during the singing.
Popular Upbeat Songs: Everlasting God, Mighty to Save
Quiet meditative songs: Once Again, Here I am to Worship
Call the youth to action: hmmmm Tell the World, We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
Thanks Dave...we're actually using Everlasting God and Mighty to Save on our Pizza and Jam audition night this Sunday.
But Mighty To Save isn't upbeat!
'pends how you sing it.
I lead the worship band for our youth. Here are the songs they're really into:

Future Decided - hillsong united
We Won't Be Quiet - crowder
Take it All - hillsong united
Overwhelm me - interface
Live for you alone - interface

you're my refuge - interface
the solid rock - interface
at the cross - hillsong
I have decided to follow jesus - hymn

interface are a band from Fort Myers, FL that has led worship at our summer camps. their songs are on iTunes.
Some great ideas here! I've got some listening to do...many of these ones are new to me.
Hi Rick,
I even arrange older good worship songs for pre-teens, teens and they all seem to respond with a heavier guitar sound than we have in the main service for adults. I love the Kutless "Strong Tower" worship CD. You can at least get an idea of the youth sound of worship from these guys. I took "In the Secret" and played it faster with only guitar power chords and the kids loved the song. Don't leave out older worship songs...just arrange them with a youthful sound.
One Way, I am Free, More Love, More Power(Jeff Deyo), I will Boast, I will Worship(Jeremy Camp)
Hungry(Jeremy Camp) get the idea. Some of the same songs as adults, just arranged in a rock feel for kids. I did do Breathe last week for 12 year old kids.
Heather, I sent you a pdf file of a song called Lord, I live for you alone. Hope it's the right one.
Justin I just wanted you to know that I joined this site because of this reply to rick's question. The reason is because you are doing John Mark McMillan in worship. One question for you though. Do you find the line "heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss" distracts youth from the Spirit? I have changed that line for fear of the distraction.
I've just watched Kim Walker's version of that song on YouTube (Jesus Culture) and when you hear those lyrics in context, it makes a whole lot of difference, at least for me. The words are poetic and the whole song is dealing with the martyrdom of Stephen. When you remember that in scripture he saw heaven opened and seemed to forget the fact that he was being hit by big rocks, well, that's pretty powerful. Tells me a lot about how overpowering God's love for the saints really is.

Still don't know if I'd do the song in our setting, but I know it brings tears to my eyes when I listen to the above mentioned video. Check out the link here:
What did you change it to..
I have used three versions of that verse..
1. the original
2. in a moment of bliss
3. in an infinite kiss
What do you use?
Crowder changed it to "unforseen kiss." It leaves the imagery, but removes the silliness. Lot's of the Jesus Culture (Kim Walker-Smith, Misty Edwards, etc) stuff goes a little too far in the "Jesus is my lover" sort of vein.


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