Let me just get this out of my system.  We all know we want to post a listing of our current pedal set-ups and to see what other people are using. We all just need to remember the two major sins associated with this kind of posting (pride and covetousness) and lay our hearts out before the Lord so He can remind us that our value and purpose in life is not informed by effects pedals.  Once we move beyond that I think this kind of discussion thread can be fun and educational.


My current board set up looks like this:

Guitar --TC Helicon Harmony G XT --Boss Noise Supres ---Digitech TimeBender Delay--EH Cathedral

                                                                   V              ^                                                                 V

                                            EH Soul Preacher     Boss Power Wah                        Egnater Renegade 65

                                                                   V               ^

                                             VL Sparkle Drive --- EH Nano Stone Phase


Hope that is not confusing.


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I do fear that it will be so well liked that it will become overused. It certainly deserves the reputation. But I prefer to keep it somewhat on the down low.

Like when you go to sell that rare thing on ebay and you choose the time when there aren't any others on there, and suddenly a dozen show up just before you post yours.

I don't have that issue when using the Diamond or Keeley. You do have to set it higher than you would expect, or leave yourself some headroom. 

Ha ha ha. That was too funny. No pressure mate, have fun. Heck, who needs a compressor anyway?

Did you try the CS2 first in the chain? The only compressor I've had luck putting after an overdrive is the Keeley.

It's just that it's a rare situation where compressor after overdrive sounds better or even good. But when it works, I think it's actually a preferred sound for me. Ironically, the Timmy doesn't sound as good that way for me. I love the pedal, but it's the only one I have found that's like this.

Modulation & delay? I run in both orders: PB&J digital delay directly after the drives, then comes modulation, finally a Carbon Copy. The PB&J is a very 'clean' delay and this seems to work well with modulation, while the CC is quite warm and dirty, even adding modulation to repeats as they fade.

The Carbon Copy would do that Scotty Moore thing well - has switchable 'chorus' on the delays and an internal trimpot to alter how much warble is applied.

OK, present board is:

Danelectro cool cat fuzz V1 --> Rothwell compressor --> Pitchblack tuner --> Jekyll & Hyde --> passive volume pedal --> PB&J --> Arion SCH-Z Chorus --> Behringer Trem --> Carbon Copy. It all runs (quietly) off a Soundlab 450ma power supply.

The running order is slightly driven by having a small board that's a bit cramped and trying to fit everything into the available space. Putting this board together made me realise why some people just buy a dozen Boss pedals, since the J&H is a big & awkward lump & the Dano pedals are an odd shape with inconveniently placed jacks and power sockets. The one pedal that I've left off & really miss is my old Rocktron Deep Blue chorus, because that would add real depth and breadth to the guitar's sound, but it's a huge box (& PCB fills the box, so no rehousing possible) and takes an odd 2.5mm power jack.

I change my board almost as often as I change my pants, depending on what material I will be playing....
and because I have WAYYY too many pedals....yes I may have a problem :))

Set up right now is....

PRS Torero (Or Lado Hawk)
tc polytune
Boss NS2
Boss CS3 (or switch with DOD Milkbox)
--in the NS2 loop....
proco Rat,
Voodoolabs Sparkledrive
Boss Bd2--

Ernie ball VPjr volume pedal
Boss GE7
Boss CE5
BBE Sonic Stomp
Boss RV-2 (japan made) (or sometimes Marshall RF1 reflector)
Boss DD7
Hughes and Kettner classic red box (when running direct into sound system this is
the only thing that allows me to use my pedalboard!!)

I power as much as I can with a Roland DC Brick
and the rest with individual power adapters.

If I have time to set up and mic an amp I run into a
Marshall lead mosfet 100 (clean channel only) and a Marshall 4x10
yes I know this amp is overkill, but I hide it out back and mic it,
Plus not being a tube and using pedals for my sound I can get what I want
at a pretty low volume.

The quest for tone continues!

Maybe I need to try a Timmy. I like the dano TOD a little bit, but it's not overly impressive.

Things are settling down for me, finding the tone I want now. We've started a new worship team after less than a year of the tyranny of MP3s, although we don't have a date in mind yet for going 'live'.

Fave tones so far are Washburn Hawk with Dimarzios into a Rothwell lovesqueeze compressor and an old Pearl chorus pedal, the Dano transparent OD (edge of breakup) & chorus plus occasional use of a carbon copy set for 1 repeat and around 300ms. At some stage I should take a strat along, because that does the acoustic rhythm guitar thing better than most acoustics and electrics. My one misgiving being that they can be a bit nasal, rather than having the extra depth required for a band with just 2 guitars and a conga player with creative timing.


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