Let me just get this out of my system.  We all know we want to post a listing of our current pedal set-ups and to see what other people are using. We all just need to remember the two major sins associated with this kind of posting (pride and covetousness) and lay our hearts out before the Lord so He can remind us that our value and purpose in life is not informed by effects pedals.  Once we move beyond that I think this kind of discussion thread can be fun and educational.


My current board set up looks like this:

Guitar --TC Helicon Harmony G XT --Boss Noise Supres ---Digitech TimeBender Delay--EH Cathedral

                                                                   V              ^                                                                 V

                                            EH Soul Preacher     Boss Power Wah                        Egnater Renegade 65

                                                                   V               ^

                                             VL Sparkle Drive --- EH Nano Stone Phase


Hope that is not confusing.


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I don't play that loud, so for me there's plenty. If you used a G12H or 2 in there then the extra efficiency would make it reasonable, though not loud like a Bassman.
Hmmmm. The Bassman is the "logical" choice here for me. But the 18 Watt would be a nice addition. Bassman would be left at church, 18 watt would be carried back and forth. Still, not that fat Fender clean.

Since we are mentioning the "once and while" pedals also, I have a couple favorites that I rarely get you use.

Boss Harmonizer (new version) so much fun.

Zvex Fuzz Factory (really hard to justify in my usual set up)

Electro Harmonix mini Q-tron (It's time to bring the funk back to church meetings, and yes I'm talking about predominately Caucasian communities)

Do you feel a little EVH moment coming on?


The Q-tron should be a lot of fun, though I've never felt in control enough of auto-envelope pedals.



Hey wait a minute - if this is a shootout, who wins?
It's a 'Shout Out'.
I put overdrive before my Keeley often. Doesn't sound so good with my Diamond.

(Secretly, all you guitar guys are coveting us bass players and our gear...I'll be praying for you. Heh.)

I'd love to hear what pedals you are using for your bass rig. 


Personally, I don't discriminate.  When I used to play bass full time for a band I had a board full of effects. 

Thanks for being an equal opportunity guy :-)

Pretty simple setup: 


 Bass  --->  BBE OptoStomp  --->  Ashdown EVO Amp Head  ---> 2x10 Cabinet

                                                     |    (effects loop)    |

                                                 tuner - MXR M123 - CE2B

The BBE is pretty clean and on all the time.  Keeps me from peaking the EVO pre-amp when I fat-finger the low B or high G on my Warwick. Tuner doubles as a mute. The other compressor (MXR) thickens/sustains when needed.  Wouldn't be a bass rig without a chorus (CE2B).  The Ashdown has its own foot pedals to select the EQ, the tube valve overdrive, and sub-harmonics (octave doubler) on and off. 

I don't know if there's a string at WTR on pickups, but I'm ready to swap out my stock MECs for Barts.  That's about all monkeying with right now.

Some of us guitar guys also play bass.




TBH I'm not ready for effects yet - 4 strings are enough of a challenge because it's such a tactile instrument. The only pedal I use is a tuner, although I do use the EQ and limiter/compressor sections on my amps for tone shaping and control.

is the L/C built in to your amp or a pedal?


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