Hi all,

Here's one I've been working on recently. Perhaps a little abstract in places...Interesting to have feedback on your response to the song...


I am clay in the hand of the potter

Waiting for the will of the maker

Let me be only what You make of me

I am dust at the dawn of creation

Waiting for the voice of the creator

Let me be only what You make of me

I am a plan in the mind of the saviour

Being formed in the womb of the mother

Let me be only what You make of me

Mould me shape me fill me change me

teach me lead me Lord (repeat)

to be

Only what You make of me


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Well, this lyric violates one of my pet peeves - in the first two lines of each verse, it's talking "about God" and then in the last line it speaks to "You."  So I would prefer that it be "what God makes of me," or "what He makes of me."  Or since the bridge (?) bit at the end is "to God," maybe rewrite the first lines of each verse so they address God... "I am clay in Your hands, O potter..." but that sounds kind of clumsy.  That's without having listened yet, just an observation on the lyric.  And, of course, lots of contemporary worship lyrics violate that particular pet peeve of mine...

Listening to the .mp3... with the way the verses end on the IV chord, I would put some sort of instrumental space between each verse.  Maybe even end each verse with the start of the first line... "let me be only what you make of me... I am clay..." on the I chord.  In the bridge, that "to be" sounds a little bit off gramatically... "lead me... to be..."  maybe it could be "lead me Lord... I want to be"  And maybe even consider "whatever You make of me" instead of "only what you make of me."  Actually seems pretty straightforward to me, except maybe the reference to "the mother," which I am okay with if not entirely clear about.  I like the music overall, but I'd like the lyrics to be consistent in terms of whether this is "about God" or "to God."


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