Have you guys found any "Good" or I would Say "Cool" Christian Radio Stations to Listen Online? there are a lot on the internet but most of them are really "Boaring to listen":)

Any Suggestions?

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The cool thing about Christian Online Radio Stations is that you get to create your own playlist. That way you throw out the "boaring" stuff and add the "cool" ones. (This of course doesn't apply to live online radio). One thing I've come to realize is that what's "cool" to me may be boring to others and vice versa. I was just at the songs page on WTR. There's quite a selection here too.
Thanks Esther.:)

Actually I'm looking for Live stations.
Thanks Jay:)

that's a good one. Thanks again Jay:)
Sanjaya, I really like air1.com.
I think they are pretty cool.
Now that ROCKS!!

Thanks Alot Kara:)
Thanks Jay I was not knowing any station and also thanks to Sanjaya for creating this topic.Praise the Lord.
You are welcome Mou Rani:)
Really lovely songs online
Since there are quite a few different tastes in music, there are quite a few net radio sites. I find Lucky Seven (http://luckysevenradio.com/) has a good Christian feed. A friend of mine put me onto Reign Radio (http://www.reignradio.com/) which plays classic rock/metal. A local station for me that is pretty good is Life 100.3 (http://www.lifeonline.fm/). This site is an online feed of a broadcasting station and has a variety of shows throughout the day instead of steady music streaming. I know there's tons more but I find these enough for me.
try Spirit 105.3 (KCMS) out of Seattle. If you like your CCM a little harder, try their Spirit Edge web stream. These are ministries run by CRISTA Ministries which also includes World Concern, Christian Veterinary Mission, and a number of local-to-Seattle ministries.
Thanks Dan:)

Great Music and its live!!:)
Hi Dan:)

I really enjoy Spirit 105.3!!!



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