Hi everyone, I'm a mother of 4, singer/songwriter. I attend Awakening Community Church and I sing devotional sets and on team sets at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace in Fredericksburg, VA. I'm going through some big changes in life and clinging to music and songwriting has kept my head above water. Prayer and the Word are of course very powerful, but there's something about music that just heals my soul and keeps me going.

I look forward to getting some feedback on my original songs and learning from other worship leaders around the globe :)

I do have a song that is not worship music but it is very positive and uplifting. It just came out on iTunes a few weeks ago. Feel free to check out "Great Day" by Arista Michelle. I do hope you enjoy it.

WARNING: You may find other songs of mine on iTunes that are not so uplifting. Well, I wrote those over 10 years ago--very different season and phase of my life. And the record label that I recorded with (Tate Music Group) will not respond to my calls and emails about taking the songs down.


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We look forward to hearing your originals and keep you in our prayers.


Thank you. I appreciate that!
I appreciate that. Thanks!!!


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