Is anyone having any luck with the new mass settings for the Catholic mass.  In Australia we have had 6 settings recommended and they are fine I suppose, but only 2 (3 at a pinch) are much use in the suburbs.  I've listened to GIA & OCP samples a few months ago with no great enthusiasm - in fact they were so dispiriting that I dragged out an old mass I'd written and rewrote that.  I doubt that's a solution however.

I play guitar, so the ones that really need organ are not my first preference.


Any suggestions?


BTW if there is already a thread on this I'd be pleased to be directed there.

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Hi Geoffrey,


Thanks for the info. I have not heard any new mass settings as yet, but I was kinda hoping they would be an improvement on the ones we are already using :(


Congratulations on writing your own mass setting, no easy feat.  I think it's great that you have rewritten your own music and I would wholeheartedy encourage you to use it. 


God Bless. Lorraine

If no one comes out with any better mass settings than the ones that were on the cd you probably are better off using your own. The ones I heard left me so depressed I haven't had the heart to check to see if any new ones have come out since then. These are going to be very trying times!! Let me know if you want to send me yours. They have to be better than the ones I heard! lol


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