Hey everyone! I'm a worship leader out here in California and I'm doing a bit of research, and would love your feedback!!


My question is, how many of you use backtracks/loops (with a click), in your worship sets? If you don't, how many are interested in this? I personally use them and it adds so much to the sound, whether i'm adding pads, keys, drum loops, or shakers/tambos...it makes the band sound a lot bigger than it is, and forcing everyone to stay on time with the click, causing a unification and tightness with the band members. 


Do you guys think it would be worth it to a pay $30-$40 membership per month to have access to unlimited downloads of pre made loops? I know it would be worth it to me, as how time consuming it is to make just one song. but i'd like to hear your opinions about it! 


God Bless!!



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First, I believe there is a great need out there for quality loops and click tracks.  It's becoming more and more used in worship settings because of the benefits that come with using them.  If enough flexibility is pre-planned, loops and clicks can help solidify like you point out.


Second, it's currently expensive for common sized church to use loops.  It hasn't taken off huge yet due to the equipment needed.  As the price of technology (IEM systems, looping software, computers) come down, more will continue to jump on board.


I believe there is a great need for MP3 loops and click track to make it more affordable and accessible to the common church.  Most people know how to operate an MP3 player and setup a playlist.  It also makes backup solutions more friendly.  If a laptop with Reason or Ableton goes down, you'd have to have a second one — thereby making MP3 loops and clicks more transferable.


Finally, to bring the cost down to make worship loops more attainable for more people — we use MP3 loops exclusively from mymusicwriter.com — and a choose as you go concept.  Loops are cheap, and the whole library costs less than a year's subscription to a membership fee.  Loop writers can also join mymusicwriter.com's team and write loops for them.


Hope this helps Taylor.  And enjoy the weather in CA...we are freezing over here.

awesome! i checked out mymusicwriter.com...and the reason I asked was because I wanted to start a website very similar to that. I noticed that they you have to buy the loops individually, and I wanted to start something where you can pay for a membership with unlimited downloads, so i'm trying to ask around and see if people would actually go for it.


thanks for your input!


and yes, the weather is beautiful out here! lol


I use loops, I play them through Ableton Live and control them using an Ability foot controller made by Younworks. 

This setup allows individual control of verse, chorus, bridge, etc so I'm still free to go where I want in a song.

They have added hugely to our sound and our band is much tighter as a result. 


Here's a video a friend made to show the setup we use, it might be helpful to anyone considering loops.




There is a great community at Bwacks forum that create and share loops, most people there are happy to share their work for free. 




Hope this is useful :)

My friend Roger Zimish is a master at loops ,he is on FaceBook ,you might get some real cool idea's from him soooo a friend request to him might be in order,I play drums with a psalmist who does supernatural worship ,she uses very little loops,Linda moves in out of a lot of thots ,sings whole chapters of scripture,turns  to page ,sings part of a chapter or several ") ,or just sing new verses's with looking at anything for 1 hr ,sooo she could use loops ,you might want to educate worship leaders on loops some are cluesless & yes ,a cool loop will help a a thin band ,keep them on time ,be careful not to step on the Holy Spirit,check our my fav worship leaders Don Potter & Leonard Jones ,they both have a great deal so say about worship ,sooo  go to youtube checkum out ,:) do I like loops you bet I do ,see Roger Zimish on ReverbNation ,send me a friend  request  On face book ,look at my pic setting on my drums with white drum sticks.I have some really great intimate worship for you ,Check out my fav SUZY YARAEI ( HE'S ALIVE ) youtube for my example of supernatural improv. :) blessings Larry

I use loops and tracks a bit at my church.


Last year for our christmas production I had some backing tracks with strings brass percusion and loops to give us a huge sound with just 4 key band members due to space restrictions and it worked well.


The whole band at our church use IEMs which is a great starting point and I have a mac and I have done all the tracks myself with garageband then run them off my iPhone which hasn't been to complicated.


I think there are times when tracks are great but also there are times where you really want to just go with the flow.

Send me an email lfries63@gmail.com ,in return I will send you a 45 min file Prophetic Worship Linda on keys ,Larry on drums :) note: Linda Upchurch is a real Psalmist not a singer song writer ,this file is not a bragg thing just one girl worshiping the one she loves JESUS ,I will send all who request this  file by yousendit.com,Linda is a great psalmist who lives in obscurity ,but not in heaven ,& yes sometimes you need to go with the flow ~ Larry Fries  facebook.com  SEND FRIEND REQUEST :)
We use ableton and are currently in a project that will create loop and clicks for our top 40 (no pun intended) worship songs. We are doing them all in house.

Sounds like computers and IEMs are de riguer for tracks/loops. What about smaller churches who don't have the technology or expertise? How can they participate in this technological innovation?


In our small church, we do worship live, but our choir uses tracks. I make most of these using Logic Express, then burn to CD. Would like to get a new Macbook Pro, but am stuck for now with my older iMac, which I cannot imagine lugging to church to run drum loops, etc. live.


But I guess my real question is this - how do you train musicians to stay on track with the loop? With the Choir, it's pretty easy, I lead, and if I get off so do they; we smile, wait until the next part to come in, or start over.

What experiences have you had with training worship team people to follow the click?

Once we introduced click it was sink or swim.  Once or twice we shut it off but maintaining a good tempo is a basic skill.  People have to adapt.  It takes a bit of time but everyone can do it with practice.


Hi Taylor,

Some worship teams are ready to use loops/click tracks like many have mentioned here. There is a little bit of a learning curve but once the basic chops are there, it can really add to the sound.

There is a service that I have made called www.worshipsongloops.com that enables worship teams to download instrumental musical elements to use in their worship sets - most loops nowadays are purely song-only, while our loops can be used in any context to add flavor to ANY worship song. It might be what you are looking for.. 

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