I am Kevin, band leader and drummer of my church's youth band "The Way". We are currently looking for a talented, motivated guitarist to join our worship band. We are based the north west kent town called "Swanley" which isn't to far from south London. 

For more infomation, please contact me, we would love to have you on board.


Kevin Smiley

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tell me more brother


Well our ages range from 17-early 20's but we also have a saxophonist and keyboardist who are older and sometimes help us out. We play the more modern day contemporary Christian music and recently led at a successful event at our church called "soul reviver", The numbers weren't great but in the end 6 people put their hands up to give themselves/re commit themselves to God. To Show you what we sort of do, here was the setlist:

First 30min Set:
Not Ashamed (Passion)
Your Name High
Happy Day
At Your Name
Mighty To Save
Holding Nothing Back

Second 10min Set:
Happy Day
Here For You
Rain (Noel Robinson)

Last 40min+ Set:
Mighty To Save
Waiting Here For You
Majesty Chorus
Our God Reigns Chorus
Set A Fire
Desert Soul
From The Inside Out
With Everything
We Are The Free
Not Ashamed (Passion)

We also are going to start leading at eltham baptist once a month at an event called believe and will prob led them in worship with around 8 songs. Er we currently have a drummer, worship leader (who also plays acoustic), keyboard, bassist and two backing singers (who are around when not at Uni). We also have a electric guitarist but he is not always fully committed nor is he a christian, however we do want to keep on enouraging him and want him apart of our team but at the same time we do want true, spiritual worship from everyone. So yeah basically what we are looking for is a committed lead electric guitarist who can play with us in our band and help bring God's power with us and our congregation. I also want us to come toegther as a team and become for confident in listening out for the spirit during worship. Practise can be a problem since Ben (our worship leader) comes from eltham so we proberly will have most practises on the day of believe with the occassional practise at christ church to become tighter as a band and perhaps learn some new songs.

Any other questions?



haha, dude, just realised you are from Plymouth in the USA. We might be a bit far away from you to rely on you to play with us lol.


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