We Christians know that the heart is the most important source that why we are serving as drummer. Without a heart it become a performing. when we reaches certain skills of playing, we tend to play like a performer rather than a worshiper...
Having cool gadgets just like guitarist, bassits, keyboardists or even the vocalists having their own preference equipment and tools.
Will we rely on one of these, or both, too much that we forgot our first heart that we have for Him?

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YOU ARE RIGHT,i have played in many services,and some times at conferences,and the focus is based on what you can do as a drummer,how fast you can roll,or how good your chops are and sometimes we wait for the praise of men,this is not being focused on who the GLORY IS FOR,and it can only be about HIS GLORY;;JESUS'' we get caught up about anything other than making a joyful noise to our GOD.I do how ever believe we must play skillfully,and have a good sound as this determines what we are hearing in the music,and as GOD requires order in the church HE also requires order in our playing,in other words we cant be playing a fast 4/4 timing when we are in a time of worship,this is common sense,but being sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT is the important factor,as we are partakers of ushering HIS presence in our time of worship.AS long as it is all about JESUS, and our hearts are filled to give HIM praise its okay,That is why we were created i love doing a drum solo and using all the sounds i have to resound my praise to him with this instrument.BLESS YOU LUIS
Totally agreed sirs.
I work on the 'Keep it simple' principal. The drummer is the pulse of the band and acurate timing is very important. worship drumers MUST be sensative to where the music is going and not just bash out the beat as loud as possible. Less is more! I personally dont go in for drum solo's, I find that they are best used in exhibitions/album stuff and at worst - too long - too loud and out of keeping with worship (I play in the church worship band, a secular rock band and a gospel band and have never need a drum solo yet)
True words for sure!!!
You should always give God your best. But the key is to give your best within the music. Of course you're not going to do a roll down in a slow passage and you're not going to play without impact and effectiveness when the music is lively (especially in a band that has a true rockin' sound). But on the same note, you should also consider that there are others in the ensemble that are playing as important of a part in the group. It's about you as a part of the group. It's about you as a part of the group that glorifiies Christ. When you give it to God, got down; get funky; get happy; get to shoutin'...but don't get in the way of The Way.


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