hi i have been ask these question long time ago. is music spiritual gift? or just natural gift as painter, actor, or other kind of art. if it is spiritual, why some musicians play both in church and outside? why non christian musicians are working in some worship ministry? or music is just a tool.

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IMO musical ear and ability are natural gifts that can be developed - but God can work spiritually through it...

I think the Bible defines the spiritual gifts and they don't include music.


The gifts of the Spirit are a new, present age thing. He didn't need to give the church a "gift" of music because it is always there in every culture since time began! Music and musicians have been around much longer than the church age!

I think you are correct there Stevo, I have always thought of music whether singing or playing as a service to the congregation. Much like setting up the church or making coffee for others or looking after the parking area etc. Each person can be naturally gifted in that area or just like doing it.

But there are those who are just blessed beyond the natural for a purpose to be sure. They might be new to playing/ singing/ dancing  but what they do just reaches the right people a certain way; just awesome. But mostly, almost every musician I know of has to practice and work at their "talent" or "desire" to play/sing etc.

Right on, Stevo.  Various kinds of critters make simple tools and meaningful chirps and rhythmical chants, but God gave humans something way beyond that.  And though unfortunately Adam and Eve didn't make a CD, we do have visible samples of early samples of art from all over the world, and if the superb cave paintings in Lascaux have a counterpart in music, beautiful, well-formed song has been around a long, long time.  I'd say that being musical is part and parcel with being a human being.

And with Bet Nich I would agree -- like all natural gifts, God can work through them with His spirit.

Nor would I disagree with one who would describe music as a sub-gift of others.  Music can be used in or with prophecy, teaching, preaching and evangelism; and the Apostle Paul was singing praises when God shook the doors open.

But that wasn't because Paul had some special singing anointing.  Hey, man, he was just plain singing to the Lord because He LOVED Him!

I don't think that music is a spiritual gift, but I do think of it as a gift from God, much the same as other talents, like the ability to paint etc. One could argue that these are natural talents, fair enough, but I believe that we shouldn't waste our talents.

I believe that God can, and will, do His work through music (amongst other things) if it is our desire to serve Him through our talents.

I don't think we should limit the term 'spiritual' to playing in church, in my opinion, some secular music can be every bit as spiritual and enhance the other.

God seems to love music, it's all around His throne. I would prefer to say that music transcends spiritual gifts since it's been around since before the church was invented. And to your point, since God seems to love it, he must love it when we develop our abilities and must be displeased when we don't.  


But I wouldn't want to say that it's as important or more important than spiritual gifts since they are the tools which God has given to the church for official building up.

I like what you say about music being around before the church, it's true! Was it around around before the universe was created? I'm thinking of the angels in heaven. That's your domain Stevo, I get baffled about creation and my brain works on a simple system when it comes to all that!


I have never thought about music in terms of comparing it's importance to the spiritual gifts, but I do think it is a gift that has 'permission' to be used within the Church. I can't say that about some of the other spiritual gifts that are often suppressed and not be 'allowed' to flourish.




Music is another aspect of the creation being like the creator. It is a natural gift, like the ability to reason or love: God can take any of those things and enhance them, but there's nothing inherently 'spiritual' about them. For this reason I would not consider comparing charismata to music - they are of a different order, and clearly not natural. I would also suggest that they are not a new, present age thing, since people clearly exercised gifts such as prophesy in old testament times, although the way in which the Spirit has been poured out IS a new thing.


I would encourage the original poster to see that music is not worship, just like a Christmas tree is not the decorations. It can be, however, something for us to hang the worship of our hearts on for God's pleasure.

thanks dear brothers and sisters for your wonderful comment. most of you are consider music as a natural gift. but how do you see singers are working with some non christian people on their album? and christian musicians are working on non christian projects as a means of income?
What would be wrong with that?
We work with all types of people everyday, what a great way to show God growing in you to them. By being "normal" , allows them to understand that God is for all of us and that we are no different than non- Christians, but eternally love and forgiven. God is for them too and it's not a religious experience but a livestyle thing!

You could extend the analogy to ask what kind of music. No one would question a Christian who was the member of a classical orchestra. But for some reason, we feel compelled to question whether or not a Christian can participate in a big band touring orchestra.  


We should always ask whether or not behavior is right before God, but we should also learn to discern what is truly "bad" and what is merely disliked by some.


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