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I've been thinking the iPad would be great for creating, editing, and storing chord charts. A couple of weeks ago I was playing keys, and I didn't have my chord charts printed out. I used my iPhone for viewing the charts, but the screen is way too small! I was thinking of how cool it would be to have something like the iPhone, but bigger, for viewing chord charts during live worship performances. Then I remembered the iPad is now available!! I think it would be PERFECT for this! Do any of you have an iPad, and do you use it during your worship performances?


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Which digital music stands do you have? Ho much did they cost?

iPad 2 + OnSong 1.94 App ($4, also syncs with SongSelect.com, Rockin' With The Cross, MobileMe, iTunes)) + DropBox (free app, can load straight into OnSong) + GigEasy Stand (to attach the iPad to my mic stand)($79 I think) + AirTurn Pedal for handless & wireless page turning ($99 I think) --- The pedal and the holder are, of course, optional.

I'll mention also that OnSong has a built in metronome (visual and audible), the ability to project lyrics onto an overhead screen, even while you're looking at and playing a chord sheet or lead sheet, transposing on the fly, linking of audio files to the chord chart so as to facilitate learning by the band, ability to control other people's iPads from yours, thereby allowing to push your chord charts song-by-song to all iPads on the platform, setlist creation to flow song to song without look-up, export capabilities to email, iTunes, Twitter or wireless printing, sticky notes for performance notes, ... and other things I haven't touched on yet.  I mean, it's a major game changer, so why are you even still reading this? ;)

I don't know if this has been mentioned or not, but there is a bracket that attaches to a microphone stand that will hold your iPad in place for you.  Pretty snappy by my measure!

Have it, use it, LOVE it! I bought one called iKlip from Guitar Center. I've also seen them at the apple stores. They even make an iKlip for the iPhone. Probably not ideal for viewing charts, but I've thought about getting it since I use my iPhone to run clicks/loops. So, instead of having it lay on my keyboard, I can put it somewhere on my mic stand (if there's room). #inspectorgadgetworshipleader 

I think there is also one from GigEasy you could check out.  Personally, for the iPad only version, I like the iKlip mentioned by Andy better.  I do find the iKlip holds the iPad more securely, IMO anyway.  I bought both and ended up keeping the iKlip at church and the GigEasy at home for rehearsing.


Use the ipad bracket at one of the churches I sit in at.  They work well.

Sorry if this is redundant.  I will not have a chance to read the posts tonight but wanted to give you a heads up.  There is an app called OnSong to manage your music.  You can link to CCLI or Rockin' The Cross or put in your own stuff.  pretty neat app.  It will transpose.  You can make set lists and link up other ipads so you all see the same music.  There is also a foot pedal you can get to scroll the music.  Met the developer for the app.  He's a really neat guy with a really cool testimony.  The app was designed specifically for worship leaders.

Here's the website http://www.onsongapp.com/ 


Using an iPad is brilliant.  OnSong will transpose for those of us who have to lead in a different key!  A great resource to explore is www.worshipready.com because all of their charts are OnSong compatable.  Seamless worship!

I've been struggling with this kind of thing for a while - worshipready chord charts are probably good off-the-shelf charts. But can you customize them? How much do they cost? I create my own chord charts according to how we arrange and according to our own unique chord choices in some places. These work well in Onsong, but it would be nice to start with an off-the-shelf chord chart and just customize it.

Teri is right... OnSong combined with WorshipReady.com is the way to go! The chord charts you get are onsong files (although PDF versions are also available)... and once in the OnSong app, you can modify as needed. They are guaranteed to be accurate, based on the associated recording. You can re-arrange according to your needs though. No issues there. 

WorshipReady doesn't sell individual chord charts, but you subscribe and have access to download from available charts. The lowest plan is $3.95/mo and they also have free trial periods.

Probably the coolest thing is that if you need a chart that is not already available in their system, as a subscriber, you can request it and they'll get it done pretty quick for you.

Give it a shot man... you won't be sorry!

I can't reconcile 3.95 per month for something like that personally. I already create very high quality chord charts for my team and transcribe them as needed using "songsheet generator". They're in Chord Pro format and come out excellent. However, I just remembered, OnSong doesn't actually pay attention to several of the chord pro formattings that I've put into my chord charts. I still think iPad is a great way to go, but I'm not committed to OnSong just yet as I think it needs some work. I'm still searching for "the" app.

You bring up a good, and perhaps obvious-but-overlooked point.  There probably can't ever be a single "the" app, as we all end up have different primary needs and personal preferences.  With that in mind, I think it's a Very Good Thing that we have a variety of apps to choose from.  They all have their strong and not-so-strong points.  The best thing we can do here is talk about all of them so collectively we can help each other find what fits each of us best.



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