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I've been thinking the iPad would be great for creating, editing, and storing chord charts. A couple of weeks ago I was playing keys, and I didn't have my chord charts printed out. I used my iPhone for viewing the charts, but the screen is way too small! I was thinking of how cool it would be to have something like the iPhone, but bigger, for viewing chord charts during live worship performances. Then I remembered the iPad is now available!! I think it would be PERFECT for this! Do any of you have an iPad, and do you use it during your worship performances?


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I don't own an iPad, but after your post I think I might have to go get one. Great idea! There are systems out there that you can store and display the bands music on during the service, but these systems are well over $4,000.00.

I have a feeling the development of the iPad, coupled with the inventiveness of musicians who don't have megabucks to throw around, is going to price those systems right out of the market.

Our keyboard player uses his laptop on a music stand that way. He has a pedal mouse that he uses to advance the slides if it is more than one page.

What is he using to trigger the page change?

My team and I use Freehandsystems.com MusicPad Pro. It is basically a PDF viewer that is backlit and is touchscreen. We LOVE it!!! It is absolutely the most loved onstage tech device we could have!
Those are very cool, but I think the iPad may put a huge dent in that market. The iPads cost less and do much much more. In fact, I always felt that the Music Pad was way overpriced. It's basically a one page Kindle for double the price.
For real, Apple makes some great products!!! I'm watching the guided video tours on Apple's website. The Pages app and features looks amazing! When I first heard, read, and watched the news of the iPad back in March (I think that's when Apple first announced it?) I wasn't too impressed, or really amped to go out and get one. It just seemed like a HUGE iPod Touch, but the more I look into it and the more I think about how great it would be for chords, I'm wanting it more and more. :-) The good news: my wife is getting an itch for one as well. She got to play around with one of her co-worker's iPads, and told her to take it away because she was really wanting one. LOL. She thinks it would be great for reading books. The bad news: we took a pretty big hit this year with our income tax (we owed over $1000), so we don't have the green for it right now. We're going to have to save up over the next few months if we really want it. :-/

I'm super excited to see the rumored new iPhone and iPhone/iPad OS announced next month at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. Should be good!
You know... I was just talking to someone about this the other day. If they could make a two page ipad, on a stand like a virtual music stand. Man... I would love something like that.. Not only would it display your song but keep them all on file. and play samples. Plus, save tons of paper and re-filing time. Okay.. if you make millions please send missionary support to a missionary family in Okinawa Japan... (hee hee) Really though.. That would be cool

Yes, not having to mess with paper filing is a HUGH plus. When I came to my present ministry location, the MusicPad was being upgraded and I was able to get five of them for 500 a piece. I had come from a place where I had 5 or 6, 3-inch binders full of songs because I hated throwing away and wasting so much paper. All I have to do is take the jump-drives to my computer and copy the songs into them. All of the songs are on a directory on the jump drive. That way, if we decide a particular song is not working for us, we can all change them on the spot. I even have a foot pedal attached to mine so I can change the screen without having to tke my hands off my guitar. Very awesome!

Does the MusicPad (or, say iPad linked to Encore or something) give you the freedom to notate changes, special stuff, who-sings-what, extra repeats, transpose, cut-and-paste, and so on?

In other words, can you throw away your pencil as well as your 3-inch binders?

It goes beyond displaying chord charts for me - it's a great composition and recording tool as well. There are some excellent apps whose control surfaces are well matched for the iPad. I could really use one of those things.

For me, you have to use a lot of paper to pay for this thing if it's only for music reading. But if you start going to the iStore and noticing all the cool apps that could enable your compositions and practices and email and messaging and on and on, then it starts to pay for itself.

My iPhone just became an iPad Nano.
I use a 19" flatscreen (taped on on a normal music stand) with a mini-notebook
I use MS-word to show the music/cords on the screen I flipped 180' in 'full reading mode' so I can see two pages on one screen and for me that'm more then enough. I flipped the screen so the connectors are fitting better and more tight to the stand itself.
I am faster in looking up songs then somebody with all those big songbooks and - that's the best - I have collected all kinds of songs in different keys and settings so i'm completely flexible.
I dont't want to use iPad stuff or expensive laptop on a music stand because it can go wrong because others walking (or run) on stage also.
My flatscreen is just $99,-- and the mini-laptop (atom, dual core, 1 MB, 2 x 60GB HDD) is $ 300


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