I am looking for ideas on some creative worship for next week.
Normally we will play some really exciting, loud, music up front, then taper down in tone/energy to try and create more reflective moments...

Next week we are wanting to tone it down completely loudness wise an incorporate some different ideas.  Taking out the drums and adding the Djembe...etc...

However, I am looking for other ideas that you have experienced as effective elements of worship:

1.  Allowing verse reading during a song by youth (at any point in the song...start, middle, ending...etc...)

2.  Giving the youth time to share praises in their life while we play soft music (or perhaps stop playing).  Or perhaps no music?

3.  Using low lighting and perhaps candles

4.  Giving the youth time to share prayer requests
Any suggestions are appreciated...
We run from about 25-60 youth on Wednesday night...

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Hey Clint, you've got to check out www.engageworship.org - it's full of creative worship and prayer ideas with loads of stuff for you to download (video loops, powerpoints, material for prayer stations etc etc) and it's all free! Bargain. I've found it really helpful to do things like have prayer stations around the room whilst leading some quiet songs from the front so people can sing or engage with God in creative ways as they like.

Couple of things I've used in the past:
- have a 'graffitti' wall - could be a roll of lining paper on the floor or walls, provide a load of craft material, pens, paint (if your group is tidy!) etc, and encourage people to write or draw their own praise to God.
- for intercessions, get an inflatable globe and throw it around whilst singing something like 'God of justice' - when you catch it, you have to say a prayer for somewhere on the globe, then you throw it on. It's kind of fun and serious at the same time.

Hope that helps
God bless
We used to get into small groups and pray for each other/church while the worship team played some slower music.


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