What are your feelings on husbands and wives being co-Praise and Worship Leaders?


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Great answer. You're a great guy Justin.

God bless you,
My wife and I are on the praise and worship team, and I would like to think that one day, we would be leading together...but not for a specific church, an outside ministery.
Me too! I lead our worship team and my wife is one of the key folks in the team. We are often on the team together and as she is a much stronger singer than I am (actually she's a good singer and I'm really a guitarist) I like having her by my side when I lead. The great thing is that we've been involved in worship together for so long she often knows what i want to do just as soon as I do as she's picking up clues from my guitar playing and the look on my face!

This is all a real blessing to me.

My husband is the Pastor, but also sings on the Worship team. I lead worship. Once we figured out how it was going to work it has been great. At first he took over during the rehearsals and that frusterated me! LOL
But we are on the same wave length and I have no problem when he takes over during worship with a word or a song. Usually I can feel when it's time to step back and let him take over. I think it has worked fine for us.
I think it is a wonderful thing when husbands and wives can serve together in ministry. My wife and I have been on the worship team together for many years and she can pretty much know we are going with the song just from the way my voice was sounding. In fact, there was a time when no one wanted to touch the transparancies because she was the only one who knew where I would be going next and was on top of everything. She serves as worship leader on occasion when I am away doing Kairos ministry or just too sick to come to church. She is truly a blessing to me.

I haven't found any problems with it at all.
I believe,that it is a good thing if you are in unity,and that you give each other space,but i must say, we must not forget our rolls as husbands, and our rolls as wives, in the sense,if the worship team or any other type of ministry starts to create an imbalance,in the family life (children) then we need to pray and ask GOD to show us the way,never let ministry take first preference in any family.GOD first WIFE-HUSBAND second FAMILY third Ministry and all other aspects of church need to fall in the last place,as we get caught up in situation where we are to busy with what we call GODS things and neglect the family,otherwise if all is balanced nothing wrong.
In Springfield MO, Bob Bilyeu and his wife Connie were a wonderful team from 1971 to 2006, although it was more song leader and piano player than co-worship leaders. They were an absolute blessing to the church beyond words. Nowadays Connie ( retired from teaching High School Choir ) leads our Upper Chamber Choir, Bob sings tenor for her, and it's a blessing to each of us there.

Only problem, usually they will go on vacations together, so you better have a deep bench!

Jim C


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