What are some creative ways you create community with your team?


Is food involved?


Go out together?

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We are all going to the Rock and Worship Road Show concert in about a month. We have food get togethers every once in a while.
I think one important way to approach creating community is to make an effort to live life together. Find reasons to spend time together away from church. Planning a trip to the music store? Call some WT members. Putting together a game night at your house? Do it with WT members. Great band coming to your town? Let all the team members know and buy a slug of tickets. How about looking for a service project in your community that the WT can work on? And of course, you can't go wrong when you include food. We are trying to implement as many of these ideas as possible this year on our team. I hope these ideas help.
What's been your favorite thing?
We all go out drinking together. OK, Not really! This actually just came up at our staff meeting. We are planning on doing the after church lunch outings, and having some sort of team fun time. A concert sounds like a great idea!
Not a bad idea as long as you don't get drunk.
I would love to take a short road trip together.
How about all buying a house in the same street :-)

sorry... feeling a bit silly tonight


Some churches do have a house they've brought for "hang out" purposes.
Go camping.
The greatest way to build community is to share each other's burdens and pray together. We gather as a team 1/2 hr. before our rehearsal and share our prayer requests and what's going on in our lives. As a leader I have to ask the right questions too. This is always a special time for all of us.

Oh, man. I first read this and saw "share each other's burgers". Well, same thing. Fellowship around food and / or prayer does bring closeness - if that's what your'e after.
The shooting range is a lot of fun! Just for the record...we're in Texas!


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