Hello everyone!  My name is Reece Bain and I am a new worship leader at a small church in Fort Worth, TX.  This is my first leadership, prior to this I only lead as fill in and interim.   I am part-time bi-vocational.  I am not, however, young physically!  I turned 54 this year!

I have had some college classes in music, but I do not have a music degree, I lead from experience only.  I do have a full time secular job as well in Electrical Engineering - which I do have a degree for!

Prior to taking the part time staff position at this church, I was unpaid assistant leader at a church where I was mentored by a wonderful leader.

I am still very green in being on staff and look forward to all the help I can get from fellow leaders on this forum! 

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Hi Reece,

Thank you for sharing with us and telling us a little more about you.  Not young?  I'm way older and am the busiest I've ever been with music.  God works in mysterious ways alright.  You have a great attitude to your position which will stand you in good stead and am sure you will do a fantastic job.

God Bless.  Lorraine

Thanks Lorraine!


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