Hello, my name is Cesar and I am the Worship Leader at Jesus Chapel.  I look forward to learning from you all and sharing whatever I know.

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Hi Cesar & welcome to the (fairly quiet these days) board.

Thanks Toni! Is it the quiet before a storm? Ha

No, the boards aren't real active around here, despite having a lot of members.  Feel free to jump in and add your own comments.

What sort / style of music do you do in your church?  What's your band like?

It was once a lot busier, but times and people change. Social media is all-pervasive, and easier to run interest groups on now than ever before.

Many more people post song ideas than they used to, which is good, but I get the feeling that the Christian Music scene is chasing careers and money these days, which may account for the reduced interest in just discussing stuff. Plus it can be tricky to talk about things that many of us are deeply emotionally involved in without feeling like our toes are being crunched occasionally.


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