One of my team members and I have been discussing using a few practices next year to have workshop practices to help our team grow musically. Have any of you ever done this? If so, how did it go? What did you do?


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We have often done this sort of thing.  In the past we have even put on worship conferences for others in the area.  The sorts of seminars/workshops we have done included:

Singing/microphone technique

How to use/set up the PA

What is a mix?

Musical theory

Chord notation

Fundamentals of the Rhythm section i.e. bass and drums

Guitar masterclass (mainly new chords for those who don't know them!)

Learning spontaneous worship

Song writing

Psalm surfing

Worship leading


And no doubt plenty more 



It's a great bonding time that brings everyone together. I like Martyn's suggestions below. We've never been that formal, but something always ends up coming in depending on whose there.

The pastor at my last church ran a 2 week full time course, that people were invited to do. They paid for the privilege to do so, but were given access to a sound studio and professional musicians. A whole rang of activities including singing and the break down of what part each instrument played etc. Lots of hands on work from song writing through to production of the song to it's final stage. A good alround and intense 2 weeks to be sure.

Not everyone did it but other churches joined in and it helped connect the local churches - musically too.

Hey Becky, I was interested in finding out do you guys all have ongoing private music lessons at all? Some churches expect that singers and musicians getmusically up to scratch and then the church team take over to " bring them together". What happens in your team?

Hi Becky,

It's a great idea, but in my experience has had limited success.  The major problem I have come across in this area is people willing to sacrifice the time and effort.  However, if you have a dedicated team, it can be of much greater value.

Another suggestion I have is to make sure you grow together as a team.  All teams, whether secular or spiritual go through stages.

1. Forming

2. Storming

3. Norming

4. Performing

Obviously you want to be at the "Performing" stage ... but this is not going to happen without diliberate effort & focus by the leader and the members.  If you can get a solid team to the "Performing" stage, growth occurs so much more quickly.  But people coming and going, outside commitments, and individual motivation levels can all be obstacles to obtaining the "Performing" team.


Just my opinion and experience ...

God Bless!




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