Hey all,

Nathan kindly invited me to be a part of this forum. I'm from Australia (more specifically, the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland), and I'm part of (founding member of) a house church that often meets in my home, and sometimes meets in the homes of other members. I'm not a "worship leader" per se, but I do "lead" - in teaching, and in devotionals around song, prayer and the Lord's Supper (which we normally partake of together around a shared lunch).

I'm also a software developer by trade, writing apps for iPhone and iPad. This is how Nathan found me, as I'm the developer responsible for the SongSheet Pro app for iPad (and its companion app, SongSheet for the iPhone). Many churches around the world use SongSheet during congregational singing and I'm pleased that it is being used in this way in service of our Lord. You can learn more about my app here: http://songsheetapp.com

Anyway - the result of Nathan's contact is that I'm currently beavering away on integrating his WorshipReady.com service into SongSheet. I'm getting quite close to done, so sometime in the next week or so I will be announcing a beta program for those interested in testing this out! (You'll need an iPhone or iPad in order to participate). Stay tuned!


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Welcome aboard Gabriel! Excited for what we'll be able to roll out very soon! Yes, I know I have an email to reply to still from you. Been pretty slammed. :)


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