I was wondering if there was anyone out there that uses one of these in their church.  We have teen in our church that has played guitar with us before...he's awesome...but his pedalboard is broken and I believe he doesn't have an amp.  I was thinking this would be a cheap way to kill two birds with one stone.  The videos I've watched on youtube make this thing sound great...But nothing beats real experience.  I'm trying to do my due diligence and do some research before I propose that we buy one of these for the church.


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I use a multi-effects pedal board at church (the I use is a Line 6).  I like it once I have it tuned in to the sound I want.  Each bank has four different sounds and I NEVER move from the bank.  #1 is heavy distortion, #2 is light/warm distortion, #3 is wah, #4 is acoustic simulator.  I could do more but I never have the need.  In fact, I almost never use the wah either.

You need a good monitoring system if you use a pedal board alone (our in-ear system is pretty good).  Otherwise an amp gets messy in tow ways: 1) every amp colors the sound, so once you think you have a sound from the board- think again.  It's not the same, and 2) the amp adds sound that filter to everyone all over the platform and it may not be the most helpful mix for the other team members.

Thanks Brad!
I guess we have 3 problems we are trying to solve:
1. Stage noise/feedback/better control over the volume. Yeah. I really lumped those into one :)

2. People not owning or being able to afford equipment.
3. Each person being able to hear themselves.

Granted this doesn't really help much with #3, but cutting down on stage noise will help. And since we just can't afford a great in-ear system right now, we have some other solutions. I'm using a Rolls PM505 so I can adjust a monitor volume and the volume of my amp in my in-ears. Not perfect but cheap and it helps!


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