One of the things that has caught me a bit off guard about our new church is how active the men are in giving out encouragement.  Some Sundays it is almost too much (seriously, I want to be at lunch within 45 minutes of church being over!).  

It has actually caused me to re-think how men tend to think about worship.

What is the climate like in your church?  Do the men take the lead in encouraging roles or do the women do that? 

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That's really interesting Cory.

Not doing worship in my home church, I don't get any at all, and that's a fact.....

I think though, that it's a personality thing in that, some people - men or women - are life's encouragers and others are put downers. On the whole though, I have personally found, that men in the congregation are more encouraging than women. This has got me thinking too, as I am a female, does this make a difference? I know it can do when it comes to male musicians giving encouragement, as I find it is the women musicians who tend to give the encouragement, but that's another story : )

Sorry not really answered your question, I think I have probably complicated things, drr!
My observation is that it's a characteristic of the church, rather than the gender of the encourager. If the men in leadership encourage, then the men of the church will also encourage, if their wives encourage then the women will encourage. Some people are just natural encouragers anyway, and will do so because of who they are.
I suspect that you are right.
Amen, Toni! :)

That said, i tend to find that secular men express affection for each other by ribbing and finding creative ways to put each other down, so I think that men in general need to put in more work to encourage each other... My personal experience. :)
"It has actually caused me to re-think how men tend to think about worship."

what does that statement mean?
A lot of things, and I'm not sure I'm at the point that I can adequately express my thoughts here.

In short, I'm used to seeing men respond to the more manly songs while women seem to respond to the more feminine songs. Where I'm at now, the men seem to respond pretty equally to both. It is an interesting dynamic.
As exhorting/encouraging is a spiritual gift I believe it has a lot to do with who has that particular gift in any particular church.
Yeah, I'd say it is 60/40 on the ladies' side. Probably because I'm so gorgeous! J/K... as you can see from my pic, you can't tell me apart from Robin Mark, except that I'm twice his size... haha


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