Lost our drummer. Does anyone have a drum machine you're not using anymore that I could buy off you

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Do you have a laptop? Drum software is pretty cheap these days. Toontracks' EZ Drummer is excellent and it comes in a light edition, but the full edition isn't expensive.



If anyone has an Ipad or Iphone there is an unbelievable new app called "Band in Hand"! It is GREAT for bands that have missing musicians. The app is free, you only pay for the songs. Each song is 9.99 but what you get is worth much more. This is affordable especially if you keep the same songs on rotation fro awhile as well as maybe getting them only for your faster songs or songs that really, really need drums. What you get is a "mixing board" of the song with ALL instrumentation. Mute the instruments you don't need and use the ones you do. You can even mix it to your liking. Just put a 1/8" stereo adapter onto a standard 1/4" cable, insert into you iphone or ipad (might even work with a laptop - haven't checked) and plug the other end of the cable into a D.I. (direct box). Here is the link:


BIH is iOS only, so no laptops or anything outside the walled garden. Shame, really.

Anyone with a synth keyboard can work out a drum track for you reasonable quickly for each song.


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