I've just updated a couple of discussions about this issue, but thought I'd also post it here, as I know many of us still struggle with the issue of making practice cds for our teams.


Last week I took part in a CCLI Copyright Owner's annual meeting via the web, and in that meeting CCLI announced that they are finally coming out with a Rehearsal License, which will "provide churches with a license to make audio reference copies of song recordings for rehearsal purposes". (the quote in bold is from the powerpoint slide that CCLI used in their presentation to copyright owners, of which I am one)


This license is to be available in January 2011. In response to my questions, they further elaborated that this will cover creating practice CDs, e-mailing mp3 files to band members, posting mp3 files on a password-protected resource website, etc - basically "all the methods covered in the questionnaire" they sent out last year on this subject.


So finally we have a "legal" solution to this problem. Great news!

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How much will that license be?
That was going to be my ?? too! It would really be worth it though.
They didn't say, but I'm not expecting it to be very much...probably just an add-on to your existing license.
I am confused about what would be burned on the practice CDs - does this mean the leader copies mp3s or other song files from his personal song collections for the team to use to learn the song, in advance of the rehearsal? Or would this only allow us to burn the CD from mp3 files that are found on the CCLI site ?
It would be song files from personal collections (or the church collection). CCLI doesn't really have mp3 files that I know of, other than short sound bytes of songs.

Personally, if I don't have a song in my own collection to copy, then I download it from itunes and use that. If you have a music budget, that could help you with purchasing those songs on itunes (cheaper than buying an entire CD).
Now we have even more to be thankful for!!!!!!!!
I saw this in passing and was encouraged.Thanks for digging deeper into it for us!
Yes, it's nice when something actually gets easier in life...rarely happens to the average worship leader.
I'd bet you're above average...
Hmm, don't know about that...I struggle along just like the rest of us...or maybe most of you don't?

If not, tell me your secret! :)
Nope, we were thinking we should look up to you.


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