This past week, our senior pastor met with all the leaders of every ministry team in the church. He encouraged us to be involved and concerned with the spiritual needs/personal needs/etc of our team members. I thought I had this one pretty much covered, until he mentioned something. Then I really thought about it and prayed. I know God is calling me to a higher level in this. I just am not sure where. Or what. 


What do all of you do with your team to stay involved? How do you care for your team's spiritual needs? How do you keep yourself in tune with what's going on in their personal lives. I do this to a degree, but I'm wondering how I can take this up a notch. 




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Hi Becky,


Well, ultimately it’s a leadership thing.  Part of being a leader is building teams.  In order to build effective teams, they need to understand the purpose and the vision.  They also need to learn how to work as a collective to solve problems and meet goals.  How to go about this differs from team to team, but know that all teams go thru stages -- the forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.  As the leader, you have to help them get to the performing stage.  


Again, every team needs different things in different amounts, but here are some ideas:


1) PRAY! -- both individually & corporately

2) Workshops -- maybe even have guest speakers if possible

3) Eat -- I know it sounds silly at first, but have a meal together once a month or so

4) Ask -- Ask one member of the team every week to tell you who they are, what they like and don't like, etc -- let them know who YOU are as well!

5) Fun -- take a day at the park and have some competition or problem solving events ... a great way to build bonds and esprit de corps

6) Study -- provide the team with a topic/question concerning music and God.  Tell them you want to know their thoughts/answers/findings next week.  Good for everyone on the team!  (Did you know the number of skilled musicians in the Temple was 4000? (1 Chronicles 23:2-5)  WOW!  And you can believe they did a lot of rehearsing and praising!  :)


Anyway ... just some ideas.  I'm sure you can come up with some good ideas too!


May God find your worship pleasing!




Actually, looking over that list - I've been doing all of them. We eat together as a team 2-3 times a month. It's actually part of our practice time. Along with prayer, casual conversation (intentional taking turns of sharing personal tidbits), We are all involved in several other ministries together (it's a small church). I just want to know how to take it deeper. I am determined to keep doing these things. I've been leading the team since 2002. I took a 2 year sabbatical and came back approximately a year ago. I think a lot of this is coming from that feeling that I was out of leading for 2 years. Now that I'm back and we have almost a full year under our belts together again, I think I'm feeling that need to take things deeper. 

Now, I'm rambling. I just wanted to see what others do. :)

This list is good stuff! I need to do more. Sometimes it's a struggle to get WT members to even practice. We have some that are there all the time, but to many are not there very much. We have a very talented team, but to many are busy in other things. I am a newbie here since August 2010.



"We have a very talented team, but to many are busy in other things."


Yes ... seems most people have so much to do these days.  Sad.  Very few ever stop to reflect ... to listen ... to see.


No God - No Peace

Know God - Know Peace


I agree!! Good words Carl


I'm glad you like them.  I really like them too.  But I cannot take credit for them.  They actually came from a fellow bass player on another site ...

Praise Him!  He is Risen!



If you are doing all that is on Carls list you are doing just fine, and maybe better than you think. The only other thing I would suggest, is to ask God for discernment for the heart of yourself and the team members. If you can discern the heart of someone, you are more than half way to helping them and guiding them. The worship offered up by each person comes from the heart, and that is far more important than the qualitiy of music or sound or performance. Also, if the heart is right the team will get the DNA of Christ and be intune with the one that matters the most; then everything else falls into place( most of the time) :).

I think I understand what you are saying Greg.  In 12-step programs we call this a "sponsor".  What a

recovering person shares with their sponsor is more personal than what they would say at an open meeting.

Definitely, whatever the person shares with whomever should not be used as ammunition against them.

It is only meant to be a way to open secrets up to light and careful input from a trustworthy peer.

First off, let me say I'm glad you shared your thoughts. I'm writing part after I already wrote what's below. It sort of comes off as defensive, but I'm not offended - so I'm not sure why. Sometimes typing (texting, etc) can give a tone that's not intended. Please know that's not where my heart is. 

As far as accountability, each member of our team must have an accountability partner to be on the team. It doesn't mean it has to be me or anyone on the team. It does have to be a Bible-believing Christian. I don't even know who some of their accountability partners are, just trusting that they have them when they say they do. 

I'm not seeking so much to impose my maturity on anyone, really. But our church is really small and so we're all naturally real friends outside of worship. My closest friend is my accountability partner and also a guitarist and fills in when I am not there. I don't plan on seeking them out and forcing anything. But as a team leader, isn't it my responsibility to call out if I see sin in someone's life?

Accountability is huge, though. The members of our congregation are accountable to the elders. And within our church, each team knows that they are held accountable for certain things by the leader of the ministry. If a guy on my team struggles with pornography (just using this since it was already brought up), then I am NOT the one to hold him accountable or to ask him how his growth is. I trust that he is working with SOMEONE on growing spiritually, and I can only encourage the team to keep in the Word and strive to be more like Christ. Outside of that, I can pray and just view the fruit he is showing (because, again, our church is small. You see everyone all the time). 

As far as mentoring. The only mentoring that I will be doing will be when I am training someone to actually lead. And there, I feel it's an appropriate place. 

Who says you have to take it up a notch? I'm not sure it's every worship leader's role to shepherd the team spiritually. Some are called as pastors/encouragers, some are not.


As a general leadership principle, we should care for our team as it relates to what the team does, and as a general Christian rule, we should care for our fellow believers. But to be concerned for the spiritual and personal needs of our team members beyond this is based on the individual. I only say this because we should not automatically assume that it's our burden. "Worship leader" does not necessarily equal "spiritual caregiver" for the worship team.


Again, I say this to remove the undue burden that so many pastors put on ministry team leaders. It's important that each of us know what we are here for, but equally important to know what we're not here for. Note: I'm not saying that we should ever say, "I'm sorry, I can't treat you with care because it's not my gift." I'm just saying that you're not necessarily a pastor/shepherd just because you're a worship leader.

Stevo, Couldn't agree more, you can walk with people but you don't necessarily have to carry them all. That is the quickess way to burn out and cause more trouble in a church. Refer ( with permission) to a higher person fit to deal with the issue. Don't just pass it on as another subject for the senior pastor to deal with without talking to the person in the first place, and make sure they are happy for you to pass it on.


Sometimes it is ok to say no to someone, with care and love of cause, but your job is what you have been called for. Everyone has there place and calling / gift. , just don't think to yourself you can or have to  "do it all".

Exactly what I was trying to say, only you said it better.


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