Hi all,

I would appreciate any thoughts on this one...

We have come for just a glimpse

To spend some time with You our King

Holy one, be welcomed in

Into our hearts

Into our hearts

Let nothing be withheld within

May everyone give everything

Holy one, be welcomed in

Into our hearts

Into our hearts

Every knee must bow

Every wall come down

Break down the walls, open the doors (repeat)


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Hi Joe

This is a good song to start a service. I think the the lyrics prepare and inspire us to get ready for worship.  It suggests that our hearts should be open and ready to spend some time with our Maker. Well done!!  :) 

Thank you for the feedback. Maybe one day it will be a service opener!

Well, for me, this is too low-key to be an opening song, but I'd see it fitting in after the sermon as we go into prayer time...

"Witheld within" seemed a little clumsy, and I might look for something to replace "Every knee must bow" that fits the theme a little better, "every knee must bow" seems a little too generic.  It works, but I think something else might work better.

One other general observation... I would work on the lyric to focus this either externally (God breaking down our walls) or internally (us opening the doors to God).  In a way you've done that, but I think that chorus bit ("break down the walls, open the doors") is trying to have it both ways.  In a way, the lyric is the singer giving God permission to break down (our) walls, and maybe I'm just feeling like it ought to be more internally focused (God, help me open the doors).

Your song, your call.  I do think this is pretty well focused on one idea, it is consistent in addressing God as "you", the music fits the story line, it would be pretty easy for a congregation to learn and sing, so it's good in those senses, doesn't violate any of my songwriting pet peeves :-)  Nice job overall.

Hi Joe: I've just listened to your song several times and played along with my guitar.  I love it.  It has a strong melody, strong rhythm and it revives my spirit just worshiping with this song.  Since I'm female your song is recorded a little on the high side for me.  Therefore, I transposed it down to G as I was playing it.  When I came to the end of the song - which to me is the climax (Every knee must bow) I just continued the song with same chords you are using and ended worshiping with just the name of Jesus.  I think that would work really well with a congregation. Again, neat song.  Kudos!

Thank you Evelyn! So great to hear that this song was a springboard into worship, I think I need to have another play through this one myself...


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