Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I have a couple of Taks that I simply love playing when I am in public.  Also have a Martin D-16 that I use at camp a good bit. I had a Seagull but have loaned it out to one of my students who could not afford a guitar at this time.  Also have my old Sigma that I have had for close to 40 years. It rarely gets played but has sentimental value.  The Taks are my primary guitars and when I pull them out, it makes the Taylor players in the audience droll a bit.  If I could wish to own one other guitar, it would be a McPherson.   

McPherson seems to be the worship guitar of choice these days. They're great plugged in and are very well made, but the ones I've played lacked the acoustic tone I expected of a $5000 guitar. 

Stevo, I've played for some time and seen/played dozens of guitars but have never heard of a McPherson.



Paul Baloche plays McPherson. So does Amy Grant and quite a few Nashville players.  I got to play Paul's when I was in his songwriting class many years ago and it was great. I have played others that I did not think were worth the price tag.  Last time I checked, the McPherson that I was interested in had a $7,800 price tag.  I prefer my Taks over anything else I have played and I agree with Stevo that we should be able to expect more from a guitar of that price. When the Senior McPherson retired and handed over the business to his son, I felt like a lot of the quality of the McPherson Guitars went with him.  Junior just does seem to have the heart for acoustic music like his Dad did.

From a looks and construction perspective, they are to die for. They also have a superb action. And a lot of folks love them. But I played these against Lowdens, Collings and Goodall's and I really loved the tone of the Lowdens more and they were less money. I thin I'll stick with my Taylor 710BCE. 

I have to agree - I've played a few now and really find them lacking. It's not really a reflection on their build or quality - they are just not what I look for in an acoustic guitar. Not the sound or feel that I like.

I keep buying, selling,and trading much more expensive guitars including a Gibson Songwriter Studio, a Gibson J200, a Martin X Series and Martin D28, but the one performance guitar that I keep coming back to is the Seagull M6 spruce.

Seagulls are a great value.

i play a Laraviee' dreadnaught that has some parabolic brace sanding done inside( similar to scalloping, but not as hard on the braces )..also, the bridge was sanded down to a tapered shape... i amplify it w/ an LR Baggs m3 pickup... it is strung with unsually gauged strings in order to accomidate a weird tuning. the lowest is a bass guitar string actually .075

my othe guitar is a hand made Hewett, 9- stgring OM from Hewett guitars.... 7- strings on the neck ( the 7th string is frettless), and the 8th and 9th srtings are drone/ harp stringzs... that has a K&K pure western contact pickup

I play a Simon and Patrick and Epiphone.

I play a Taylor 315 jumbo. Wonderful sound and can really handle some heavy strumming. The expression system is great.

Oh yeah, the sound cannon! What do you thk of Bob Taylor's new model the Grand Synphony which is, what I'd say, a 15/16 jumbo?


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