Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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I'd agree that normally they take a lot more hand strength. As for shorter scale, I've yet to notice that on acoustic 12 strings, though some might be, just like Gibson and Fenders.
i use yamahaaa XD that's the only thing i know about my guitar :3
I play an Alvarez Yairi JY84C with Dual Source pickup (Mic and Piezo) D'dario EXP 12's in standard tuning
Also play Gibson ES-135 occasionally through Mesa amp


My main workhorse is a Tanglewood TW1200STNS-E twelve string, currently with a set of Martin light (0.12-0.54) strings on it.


This is it...



A thing of grace and fragile beauty...

and boy does it sound nice

(when someone else is playing it!)





































If you play a 12-string regularly, why not join my Chiming Twelvies group and we can get really geeky on there!




My other guitar is a Washburn EA18TS complete with a set of Martin Custom Light strings (0.11-0.52)






Pretty looking beast and sounds gorgeous, especially when plugged in (small body, so nowhere near as loud as her big brother above!)





































New member to WTR...  Started playing guitar about two years ago, after enjoying Guitar Hero/Rock Band so much (always had been more interested in being a drummer, but my son plays that for service, so I wasn't going to replace him).  Played an electric (Behringer iAxe) during worship earlier this year to fill in for a needed rhythm part so the other guitarist could do a small solo.  Felt the calling to move from running the sound board to playing full-time onstage in our now four-member band  in June, so I picked up a Dean Performer with a 4 Band EQ.  Recently our Music Leader left for a different church in a different state, and left his Martin Sigma with a Dean Markley ProMag pickup.  Now, if only I played better...

Practice, practice, practice. You can't play it if you haven't practiced it. Kinda like prayer...the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Learn to use the guitar during your quiet time with GOD...worship HIM in the secret and He will reward you openly. Be blessed.

New member here, howdy all.

I recently replaced my Martin DM of 10+ years with a "little" Martin, the LX1E.  I like the size much better than the big dreadnought.


I play a Larrivee C-10 Deluxe.  It's an awsome guitar with roaring lows, sweet highs and a mellow my estimation.  I use a Sunrise pickup and the Sunrise buffer box played through a Trace Eliott TAG1 preamp and a Namo Compressor.  My usuall strings are either Martin SP phosphor bronze or the Martin Eric Clapton series strings, phosphor as well, I go back and forth between light and medium guage.

...That should be Nano Compressor in my post not Namo!  oops :)


I play a D-16 Martin that I love. I also have a Seagull that I keep at my desk for songwriting that plays as good as any high end guitar I have ever owned.  Would really love to pick up a McPherson someday.

My main acoustic is a '95 Taylor 812ce. I've tried many other guitars, but always come back to this one. The only change made tho this is that very recently I upgraded the original Fishman Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup to a never Infinity Matrix...but only because I was having issues with the old one. I have been using John Pearse light gauge strings on this guitar practically since day one. I use the 80/20 bronze. I used to use the phosphor bronze, but bought the 80/20s on a whim once and was amazed at how much warmer & rounder they sounded. Haven't gone back.

I also keep a Taylor 810-WMB with a Fishman Rare Earth Blend handy for alternate tunings. I have a few arrangements I do in DADGAD and Open D. Saves time by not having to retune. Also use John Pearse 80/20s on this, but mediums to drive the larger soundboard and bigger body.

I run them through a Fishman Pro Platinum EQ preamp/DI box that has a really warm sound and great EQ for getting a good sound in just about any room.

I have a Greeta Dreadnaught  - a CF Martin design built in India under Japanese supervision. I got it in the early 1980s. Circa 1990 I mounted a Dimarzio transducer (the disk type) inside under the bridge. It has a very nice sound. 


About 4 years ago I got a Rogue dreadnaught acoustic/electric with the built in active transducer.  It sounds ok and it has a good punch for sound system. 


I also have a Montana Travel guitar (the only travel guitar I found that has enough body to actually sound like something) which I put nylon strings on.   My son took it to a Phil Keaggy concert once to jam on while waiting in line.  Phil came up to us ( I have known him for decades) and played a few chords and runs on it.  :)


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