Been listening to lots of music today, just trying to find some new stuff. What I think is cool is a lot of the new upbeat praise music is like the 90's music all the club kids used to listened to, and as you can guess I liked that era of music, lol.   So as I'm looking through I come across a comment that says something like, "What a disgrace that rock alternative music is being used as praise. Hmmm, let's think on that. I wonder what God thinks about that, since praise music is supposed to be being addressed to Him?" The reality of it all is that that comment really just broke my heart, how sad is it that we get hung up on the style of how we praise and not on who we praise. One of my favorite things I've ever seen on song selection in church, discussing what songs and song styles we sing at church is by Brian Doerkson/ He said ,"If the song is about God, to God, for God, or about the things of God, I'm pretty positive that God will accept that as praise and if it's His praise it is for Him which means it doesn't matter if we like it or not" . Heres what I love, I love the fact that there are so many genres of music that we can praise God with these days, we're not stuck with just one style or genre of music to lift our praises to Him, but even more so than that. I am more excited about the fact that we get the privilege and opportunity to praise HIM!

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Comment by Lorraine Doswell on August 13, 2015 at 5:08pm

Praise God indeed in whatever style that may be.  Styles of praise music will have changed immensely over the centuries and even now vary a great deal.  Just because a person may not like or approve of 'rock' music, does not mean it is wrong.  Bring it on I say, the Lord will love it : )


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