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This is a short instrumental piece of a solo Harp. I don’t play harp myself but composed it on the computer using Garritan Personal Orchestra, recording via MIDI keyboard to Cubase Studio 4.5 and mastering in Adobe Audition 1.5. I am in the process of writing a lot of songs and instrumentals for use on a forthcoming video I am filming and editing. This is one piece I intend to use as a short bridge between video clips. Hence I have called it ‘Selah‘.

Selah is a biblical Hebrew word found a lot in the Psalms. According to Wikipedia: “Selah (Hebrew: סלה‎) may be the most difficult word in the Hebrew Bible to translate. Selah is probably either a liturgico-musical mark or an instruction on the reading of the text, something like “stop and listen”. The Psalms were sung accompanied by musical instruments and there are references to this in many chapters. Thirty-one of the thirty-nine psalms with the caption “To the choir-master” include “Selah” so the musical context of selah is obvious. Selah notes a break in the song and as such is similar in purpose to Amen in that it stresses the importance of the preceding passage. Alternatively, Selah may mean “forever”, as it does in some places in the liturgy (notably the second to last blessing of the Amidah). Another interpretation claims that Selah comes from the primary Hebrew root word
[calah] which means “to hang”, and by implication to measure (weigh)……It is translated into today’s general language with the meaning: ‘think about it’ or ‘praise [the Lord]‘

Please have a listen and leave your comments. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback about the actual music, recording and mixing quality etc.

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