May His Peace Rest Upon You! (June 2009)


This months newsletter comes from a very dear friend who has played such a vital role in my life as a worship leader -Pastor Derek Kuhn of Grace Covenant Worship Center. It is a timely and apointed word I pray you will be blessed and encouraged by concerning what the Holy Spirit is saying to us today!

Damon Stuart


May His Peace Rest Upon You!

We are living in a very prophetic time where events are rapidly unfolding. God has called us to be watchman on the wall to see events from His perspective. God's heart is filled with love and righteousness and therefore we have nothing to fear.

I believe God wants to awaken this generation to righteousness (1 Cor. 15:34), for righteousness is a key that defines the operation of God's Kingdom in the power of the Spirit (Rom. 14:17). Hebrews 1:9 says that Jesus loved righteousness and hated iniquity, and therefore God anointed Him with the oil of joy. God has made things right for His people by giving His Son to die on the cross and raising Him in a justification of life.

God wants to bring that righteousness into every facet of our lives. Divine healing belongs to those that have been declared righteous in His sight. The blessing of prosperity belongs to those that have been declared righteous in His sight. We are called to a holy life, as well as to the blessings that God has for us. We are called to a life that transforms every area of our lives into the image of the Son of God. Here is the conflict that emerges - we are living in a generation that progressively opposes the righteousness of God in every area of life. We are seeing a government that opposes the righteousness revealed in God's word, in every area of life. Government is not our God, the Lord is our God. And so we are witnessing that we are on a collision course with the righteousness of God.

Please put this truth deep in your heart - the more God's people pray, the more His people proclaim His righteousness, the more likely God will intervene and cause a shift. We are not called to love the sinner into hell but we are called to preach a word that convicts people of sin. There is a cosmic dimension to the righteousness of Jesus Christ and we are entering into a final season of God's redemptive purposes that will end with the second coming and the transformation of all creation.

I want to encourage you to go to our website and watch the video of the word that came to John Kilpatrick, pastor of the Pensacola Revival, about a possible earthquake to come to the Midwest. You will also find a tremendous video on a Jewish response to President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt as well as a link to a fascinating prophetic word about coming judgments to come upon America that support what John Kilpatrick saw.

I have held back in the past from publishing every word that is being given on the internet. However, the understanding that God recently gave to us that we are in the beginning stage of the final seven years leading up to the fiftieth Jubilee since the revivals in America and the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967.

As I said before, the next seven years can be the greatest years of our lives. And they will be for the Kingdom because redemptive judgments are always positive for the Kingdom of God. These can also be the worst of times for those that oppose the Kingdom of God. It is time for the American church to wake up and listen to what God is saying.

I think this is a very prophetic moment and time for this nation and God has called us to an awakening sound. Let the shofar sound and declare His righteousness to this generation! Let the prophetic breath create and prepare the highway for our God so that His glory will be seen among the nations (Is. 40, Ez. 37). The Holy Spirit has to move if we are to be awakened and made ready for what God is about to do. Do not treat this word lightly. I believe God is speaking. Let this be a season where your life is being renewed by the Spirit of the Lord and may His peace rest upon you.

Pastor Derek Kuhn

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*Used with permission.

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