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Verse 1

E                          A

Hopelessly abandoned to my sin

E                       A

Unwilling and unable to ever let You in    


And would You even want me anyway?


I could never be good enough    


To earn Your love


Verse 2

E                                  A

Counting all the good deeds of the day

E                               A

Hoping that I've done enough to turn your wrath away

B Knowing that my sins are not outweighed


I could never be good enough


To earn Your love



         E             F#m

You were crucified and lifted high


You died in my place


Though I had nothing to give

     A            B

You gave me Your grace

    E                F#m

My sins are gone, my debt's been paid


I was never so free


My Lord I love You

Bsus        B7           E       F#m   A

Because You first loved me


Verse 3

      E                                 A

Your suffering paid the price for my disgrace


You took my sin and guilt away

     A And bore them to the grave


This purchased life now joyfully proclaims


I could never be good enough


To earn Your love



B            A

And this is love


Not that we loved Him


But that He loved us


And died for sinful men

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi Doug! Wow, a good song! I love the lyrics, which adequately sum up the reason why the Lord died for us all.  I particularly like the chorus lines: You died in my place - though I had nothing to give - you gave me your grace. My sins are gone, my debt's been paid. How true!!  The Bridge also continues to explain the Good News of the love of God and the Lord.  

If you can get round to adding a few more instruments then that should really round it all off.  

Well done!! :)


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