What MUSICAL requirements do you feel should exist for a worship leader?

Of course, we know a worship leader should be a true Christian and have all of the spiritual qualities that the Bible lays out for leadership within the church. But beyond that, what MUSICAL requirements do you feel should be present for a worship leader? And maybe not required, but at least extremely valuable.

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Hi Nathan,

Ok, MUSICAL requirements........to have the ability to lead solidly and with conviction so that the congregation and fellow musicians are able to follow you.  That is a skill in itself, but it doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with a technically competent musician.  I feel a worship leader should be able to arrange songs, chords etc. to suit fellow band members as well as a congregation and be able to adapt a song for different situations, even on the spur of the moment.  I think what is important is to put bags of energy into the music so as to bring it alive.  I don't get that you need to sound like the CD at all, but to have the ability to recognise your musical talents and strengths and put them to their best use.  


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