Hello everyone. This is a song that I just completed earlier this year.

Here's a link to the video we also made. The Cross of Victory

I was inspired to write this one in an attempt to express how wonderfully victorious the Cross and sacrifice Jesus made for us was... the great exchange our sin for His life.

Also, it was an excuse to get my good friend of 30+ years Scott Seymour involved in something to occupy his heart and mind; as he was diagnosed with cancer and was pretty bummed out at the time.

I wrote the basic chords and melody (on my acoustic) and then Scott took that and arranged the song and played all the instruments and sang additional vocals.

I'm telling you the back-story because Scott went through the usual chemo & radiation treatments had a major 14 hr. surgery. A few months later when they did follow up CT and PET scans they (the doctors.. 3 different Dr.'s reviewed scans) and gave sad news that the cancer had already returned. Many of us have been praying for him and for God to show up and show out.. well, they went in and opened him up again.. the Dr.'s are astounded... they could find NO cancer anywhere at this time.. scratching their heads because they full expected to find it in a big way. 

Now I'm not a "name it and claim it" believer but I am faithful and confident that God does often show up and heals some folks for His glory. What we've seen is nothing short of a miracle (in my view.) I guess where it relates to this song; which we didn't even think about at the time of writing - by His stripes we are healed. 

I'd like to also add that through this experience, Scott has a deeper walk with the Lord and now a mindset that no matter if he lives or dies ...either way God is good and he is in Christ eternally.

For now all is well and all glory and thanks be to Jesus!

as to feedback... I haven't really pushed the song because I'm wondering if I should find another vocalist & re-record or just go with it?



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A few major things, imo:

bending of "foundation" and "creation" no go...

if guitar is that loud, okay, but need to use ducking...

effects should be the same throughout unless you have reason to change them...

drums bring in a lot of mudiness, prob too hot (clipping)...

when using a choir for harmony, choir volume needs to be lower...

when singing trio, quartet, etc. type harmonies, vocal levels can be as loud as primary vocalist...

more of a difference in volume levels based on what's being sung...

just isn't clean... needs automation, remixed/remastered.

singer is good, but I don't feel the words.

Video clips used are copyrighted (not really my area of expertise).

I really liked the song, but more orchestral? or, electric guitar not so much throughout.

You should re-sing the song with feeling, and lighten the bending and use more of an on-pitch slur.

Have Scott use an LA2A on the mix (to duck) minus your vocals, and on your vocals alone; using the right settings your vocals will pop out.

Use an 1176 after the final mix during mastering using a 4 button squish will add the bite you seem to be wanting.

Scott can do a way better job, I know he can (assuming he has the right equipment), and tell him to watch his levels, esp. drums, and harmonies to some extent.

Note: I might seem to be really critical, but a good song, which this is, needs to be done right.

Thank you Kevin.. finally some honest constructive input!

As to the recording levels, mix we don't really know what we are doing and it was all done on our laptops to the best of our poor mixing knowledge. We definitely need help in this area.

The "choir" was actually just Scott singing all the parts in various harmonies himself. ;-)

and.. yeah I've always wanted to re-do the lead vocals.. We discussed it and I thought is was a little

pitchy in some places.. but Scott said he liked the imperfections. (shrug) 

I do think the song itself is solid.. but it's not the best it could be, in it's current form.

I think your review is spot on.

..what's your thinking on orchestral.. and how would that look?

it sure would have been nice to have someone like you work with us on this.



ok, well guess just started something, so let me finish it, with your permission.

Going to work on this and get some lossless flac files to you.  :)

TN is not that far... believe I'm about 30 min. north of Mamouth Springs.

I can prolly get you some pre final mix files and share them from a cloud drive if you'd prefer?

that would be helpful,  :)   thanks, email me a link.

I've got to be gone today running sound for a luncheon, and busy leading worship Sunday.

I didn't get any files yet so there's no way I can mix and master, but here's something to chew on for bit until I'm free on monday.

Have a great weekend and be blessed.


p.s. was over the 7MB limit, so had to drop down from 320kbps to 224kbps.


sorry, we had our Sunday School pot-luck gathering last night.

I sent you PM this morning .. I like the feel of this..

I'll see if I can't get all those files posted up today and get you a link.



Ended up doing music, too. The singer/keyboard player got sick.

Ran sound from the front and played sax, and did background vocals.

I'm glad you like it.  Didn't know what your reaction would be.  :)

This was an outreach for the down-trodden women of the local community letting them know they are loved, and that there is help and a place to turn to if needed. We provided praise and worship, food, and gifts/drawings/prizes.


Putting all constructive feedback aside for a moment, and looking at the song as a whole, this is one good song with great potential.  Well done : )

Thanks Lorraine.. we've worked really hard on it.

Doug, I think this song is well written and could easily be used by other worship leaders. Good stuff for sure! You should certainly consider submitting to the WTR songwriting contest:



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