Hello everyone. This is a song that I just completed earlier this year.

Here's a link to the video we also made. The Cross of Victory

I was inspired to write this one in an attempt to express how wonderfully victorious the Cross and sacrifice Jesus made for us was... the great exchange our sin for His life.

Also, it was an excuse to get my good friend of 30+ years Scott Seymour involved in something to occupy his heart and mind; as he was diagnosed with cancer and was pretty bummed out at the time.

I wrote the basic chords and melody (on my acoustic) and then Scott took that and arranged the song and played all the instruments and sang additional vocals.

I'm telling you the back-story because Scott went through the usual chemo & radiation treatments had a major 14 hr. surgery. A few months later when they did follow up CT and PET scans they (the doctors.. 3 different Dr.'s reviewed scans) and gave sad news that the cancer had already returned. Many of us have been praying for him and for God to show up and show out.. well, they went in and opened him up again.. the Dr.'s are astounded... they could find NO cancer anywhere at this time.. scratching their heads because they full expected to find it in a big way. 

Now I'm not a "name it and claim it" believer but I am faithful and confident that God does often show up and heals some folks for His glory. What we've seen is nothing short of a miracle (in my view.) I guess where it relates to this song; which we didn't even think about at the time of writing - by His stripes we are healed. 

I'd like to also add that through this experience, Scott has a deeper walk with the Lord and now a mindset that no matter if he lives or dies ...either way God is good and he is in Christ eternally.

For now all is well and all glory and thanks be to Jesus!

as to feedback... I haven't really pushed the song because I'm wondering if I should find another vocalist & re-record or just go with it?



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Thanks Nathan, I did have one Worship Leader out of Texas ask to use the song already. (which I was happy to oblige.)

I'll second that Nathan, most definitely worth entering the competition.


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