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We play quite a lotta secular stuff at church, often with lyrics changed to Christian content. Which is great as many people recognise them and enjoy them

I see a lotta people here don't listen to secular music. So i just want to see what people feel in general about playing secular stuff in church?

Any comments welcome :)

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Hey Ryan

Thanks for your comments.

We do play far more Christian music than secular music so there is certainly not any leaning towards secular over Christian.

As much as i do agree with you that worship is about leading people to focus on God, why should they not enjoy it while going about it? Being a Christian is awesome! The way i see it, it should be a good balance between serious worship and good fun praise.

And as for the melody bringing to mind the secular lyrics - can it not work the other way around? Perhaps when someone hears the song on the radio they can remember the Christian lyrics ;)

Don't get me wrong - we are in no way taking Jesus out of the church. But a friend of mine said, if Jesus is in EVERYTHING, doesn't that make Jesus secular?

Thanks again Ryan for your comments, I am glad to get someone else's opinion on the subject (",)
I think the use of secular music in church can be a powerful tool. A good song is a good song no matter what the origin or intent. If the song speaks to the theme and communicates well then use it. Cheers!
I see nothing wrong with changing the words to some secular songs and using them in the church, if that is how you are being led. However I am with Ryan, I don't have any shortage of worship songs to pick from as the Spirit leads. I have never felt a need to use secular music. I do wonder, though, if using those songs and changing lyrics doesn't cross the line on copyrights. The CCLI license would not cover them, would they? Just a thought.
Thanx guys for your replies.

First i just want to clarify something . . when i say we play a lot of stuff that means we have a variety, we dont play secular stuff every time we set foot in the church :)

I never thought about copyrights. However wouldn't that only be a problem if we wanted to record them?
Hi , i love some secular music like bangles and many more, I grew up singing along to the radio as a little girl. I would consider using it in church as an outreach changing some of the words a little.
I respect your opinion but I vehemently disagree. First off, music is amoral, neither good nor bad. Secondly, Satan has no power to create anything, music included. There are influences that are evil in regard to secular music but there are good influences in secular music as well. The statement you wrote concerning the use of "satan's music in church" just doesn't hold water. I believe, and this is my opinion, that one can be holy and take full advantage of the arts in worship in it's many forms. The key is to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The way the Holy Spirit leads one person varies greatly from the leading in another. This is one of the reasons why we have so many different churches and so many different models. We are a big loving family with many personalities.

Said in love as well, from a life long musician, singer, songwriter, and veteran worship pastor.

God bless,
"Perhaps when someone hears the song on the radio they can remember the Christian lyrics ;)"

At the moment, my two sons are thoroughly convinced that Justin Timberlake's sexyback is really called 'babyback', that he got it wrong and their Daddy got it right. :)
Hey Colin

Thanks for your reply. Firstly, i don't think secular = satan. There are plenty of secular songs out there with a perfectly good decent message even though they're not 'Christian songs'

I agree that some music can be particularly 'evil' but that is definitely the minority.

For example, one of the songs we play is 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. Isn't that a cool song to be singing to God?

I also do believe that as Christians we are called the light of the world, so we should be reaching into the darkness to illuminate it. I don't believe drug addicts and atheists and satanists are any less important than widows and orphans. Don't they need to be touched perhaps even more?? I believe as Christians we are called to reach to all those who don't know God. If we do that in God's name He will protect us from being polluted by the world i think.

I think if we make ourselves 'exclusive' we are only shutting out those who need us most. We need to go out there and use the tools God has given us, music being one of them, to bring people to Him. What does it matter if the song isn't necessarily a Christian one? We can still use it to praise God and to draw others to Him.

Thank you for your comments. I am glad to be hearing how everyone feels about the topic.

God Bless
Maybe we could clarify the discussion a little further so that we can talk from the same page.

When we talk about secular music in church, there are a few areas it could crop up:

1) praising God
2) evangelistic concert
3) special events to which the pre-believers expect a churchy-type environment, like a wedding or a funeral.

Any others I missed?

And when we look at these specific areas, do we need to clarify our position a little further? :)
Hey everyone

This has turned into a very interesting discussion :)

I think one of the main things here is the difference between praise, and worship. Agreeing with Ryan that worship is to bring the people to focus on God and to prepare them for the message. So secular stuff perhaps not a great ideathere.
But for just joyful praise i think there's no problem with playing secular stuff. As long as you are doing it for the right reasons and actually praising God through it. And not playing only secular stuff.

It is true that its not necessary, but why not do more than whats expected? I see no harm in it if its for the right reasons.

We are also very youth orientated, which means we do a lotta praising.

The Bible clearly states that anything not of God, is of the devil's.

"secular music shouldnt have a stand in worship..
cos.. the heart behind the creation may have been totally wrong!
it wasnt dedicated to God..
tho some may state that the heart that changed the song, is for God, so thats all that matters..
sounds like how Jesus took our sins away and made us whole again..
but.. i prefer leaving my secular music seperate from my worship to God.. C:"
My thoughts? The only time I can see some potential benefit for the use of secular songs is during an evangelistic event. It's like a sales thing, you use it to build rapport with the pre-believers, then take them with you on the journey that ends with meeting Jesus. "In the End" by Linkin Park is great for expressing the general pain and despair in a Christ-less heart for example.

My concern is about what the pre-believers may think. If we use this type of music to bring them to Christ, they may assume it is ok to keep such music as a large part of their listening after they turn to Christ. And I don't think that's a good idea at all.

My thoughts, for what they're worth... :)

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