Just wondering what new worship songs from this year (2016) have caught your imagination? Is there a particular worship song that was new to you recently, but now seems like you've known it for ages? These songs are often the ones that are congregational and easy to pick up. Looking forward to seeing which new 2016 worship songs are popular amongst our members! 

Just to be clear, these don't need to be songs that were written or came out in 2016 - you may have simply discovered a 'golden oldie' this year!

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Lorraine - wow, or hooba hooba! I am so glad you are using that song. Thank you for sharing that!

Lorraine Doswell said:

Two of Ronan Johnston's songs, 'The Father's Song' and 'You have called me out of darkness'.  

Also, Brian Lawson's (WTR member) song 'Shine' has stuck with me and feel it is a great gathering song.

 So far this year I've been liking "Be Enthroned" and "Jesus, We Love You" by Bethel Music. They both worked well in worship night settings and I think they would also be great on a Sunday morning. Also O Praise the Name by Hillsong was good this morning. It has a great hymn feel mixed with modern sounds so it works for a diverse congregation.  

Lion and the Lamb from Bethel has become a firm favourite this year, also just started introducing Great Are You Lord (All Sons and Daughters) which flows really nicely into Good Good Father by House Fires...

Hi Phil,

Here is one I recently had recorded called, "Spirit Of The Lord."  It is starting to be used in our church and others.  

Here is the link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/lara_marriott/01-spirit-of-the-lord-master

Please feel free to download it and use it if you'd like.  I have the chord chart as well.



Not sure how old this song is but I think it's fairly new. It's called the Lion and the Lamb. Big Daddy weave does it, Leeland and Brian Johnson. Here's a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMTfj4xOjZk

I taught this a few Sundays ago. If anyone is interested in a chord chart in the key of A or G I can send you one. I personally capo it on the 6th fret and play it in the G position. I like how it plays there and it's nice and bright on the 6th fret. (I have a bassy guitar)

Elevation's "Here As In Heaven" release had five or six real winners, imho. I guess my two favorites are "Grace Like a Wave" and "Hold On To Me."

The Vertical Church Band's "More Than I Deserve" (LV Meredith Andrews) would be my third pick.

Not necessarily in that order, btw. They're all fantastic.

There's so much good new material out there, it's impossible to keep track of it all. Hillsong Y&F for example: "Falling Into You," "Real Love," Face to Face," and "Never Alone" are all great. Sovereign Grace has done some good stuff over the past year also. And Jesus Culture batted a few out of the park (again) on their latest release.


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