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Is It Acceptable To Praise (Worship) The Holy Spirit

Recently I heard two really beautiful songs, "Come Holy Spirit (Fall On Me)" as well as "Come Holy Spirit (Fall Afresh On Me)". Lovely tunes, really made my heart soar, but then one of my uncles took a look at the songs and shook his head, and said they were 'wrong'.

"We don't worship the Holy Spirit," he said, "We worship God the Father and that's it. The Holy Spirit is the Counsellor given to us to help us and guide us, not for us to worship. Sure, you can pray to Jesus, but it's explicitly clear that we worship God the Father alone,"

Hmmm... Now, I know there's probably someone out there with the issue, "Do I pray to Jesus or God the Father?" But for this topic I'd like to discuss the very 'simple' question: Is it acceptable to sing songs that praise the Holy Spirit?

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The Holy Spirit is God, and therefore it is acceptable to worship the Holy Spirit according to the Bible's teaching on who He is and what He does.
It would be unacceptable to praise the Holy Spirit for dying on the cross to save us from sin (which Jesus did), but it is perfectly acceptable to praise the Holy Spirit for dwelling within us and to ask Him to guide us in our understanding of God's Truth.
Two thumbs up to that. However, I can't think of a reason to only praise the Spirit, I usually think of God as one when I think of praise.
My simple answer would be 'yes'. Alex and Stevo have made good points. I guess I think along the lines of Stevo, in that when I praise, I think of God as one.

Getting a bit off track, but not really, I always feel hurt when people refer to the Holy Spirit as 'it', the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity and should be praised accordingly.

God Bless. Lorraine
I guess I have a hard time understanding the objection to praising the Holy Spirit or addressing Him specifically as He does have a specific role in our lives.
tough topic....I think I would rather thank God for the work of and blessing of the Holy Spirit...and maybe even thank the Holy Spirit while praying to God....however I personally would not focus my worship on the Holy Spirit. Though the words praise and worship go together quite frequently, you can praise something without worshiping it. There may be nothing wrong with praising the Holy Spirit....worship on the other hand? I guess I want to be careful what I say as it is a tough topic and could be a stumbling block for others. I don't want to say something that ends up being wrong and end up leading someone to inappropriate worship. I don't want to answer for that. Search the Scriptures and take it to God and seek His will for worship. All any of us will be able to offer on this topic is opinions...God can grant you peace one what is acceptable or not. ~ Blessings.

The whole "praying to Jesus" could definitely be another topic thread....that one I would say more about!
Hey Shane, provocative subject!
John 4:24, "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth." We worship God who is spirit in the person of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Christian theology all praise and worship directed towards one person of the trinity is directed towards all members of the Trinity because they are undivided in their essence. Some traditions however worship and Baptize only in the name of Jesus, and others lift up the Father or the oneness principle of God. Jews and Muslims are outraged with the Christian Trinity!
The lyrics in this song are just asking for the Holy Spirit to fulfill the promises Jesus made with no mention of worship or adoration. The worship song rules lawyers have nothing to fear here.
We are to worship God in a spirit that is Holy meaning when we are reconciled we are Holy in our spirt because always remember this you can even do the research a person consist of a spirit with a soul (the garment) and a carcass( the body)
Christ said that when we worship Him, then we are also worshiping the Father, to me theat goes for the Holy Spirit. But, it is good to think about who and what you are worshiping, and why. Also, I thought once you are filled by the Holy Spirit then you got the whole box and dice and you don't need to ask for more , just get yourself "locked into Him" more each day( but that's another discussion).
Allan, I know what you are saying....it reminds me of some gatherings I have attended when the preacher or whoever calls for more of the Holy Spirit. In my opinion, when you receive the Holy Spirit you don't receive a portion of Him, so why call for more? I think it is our job to align our hearts, and continually desire to be refreshed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. but 'more of'', I just don't get.
Allan you an I are on the same page ,very good answer,Holy Spirit he is God & the one who led the Children of Israel out of Egypt ,in the book of Hebrews he said some things about them because they like us can get real stiffed necked ,not sure some of those on this site know what it is to be filled with him.& that is not a snide remark on my part ,cause I am walking sofly on the carpet too.

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