Have been pouring all of our funds into equipment seems all of my life, mostly recording equipment. 

Well, you've heard the term "starving-musician". By God's grace we're not starving, but we have stopped traveling around via RV.

We've sort-of put down roots in SE Missouri and remember the whole mess; people sued for not making a marriage cake, others thrown in jail for exercising their Christian faith and beliefs.

I'm not here to talk about them, but us.

God's timing is perfect, and I have always wanted to help Christian songwriters get their music to production CD/radio quality. But, I didn't know how to go about not getting caught in a lawsuit for not wanting to do certain genres with certain lyrics and avoid being called a hater.

Anyway, fear gripped us, so we turned inward and Christward which is sort of a dichotomy.

We'd like to help, and in doing so, be helped into fulfilling what I believe to be "our calling".

So, how do we proceed? What can we do to help?

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I saw an old post of someone wanting to hear Psalms, so rather than revise an old post I will upload a Promo the wife and I did. No worries, the songs are 100% ours... lyrics, melodies, instrumentation, arranging, performing, mixing, mastering, even the promo... so enjoy.

note: 7mb limit?  didn't see that coming...  oh, well.

Let's do this...  here is a link.  Click Here!

When I hit the link, I got talking on top of music - might have been Psalm 137, but the song was drowned out by the spoken words over it.

I posted the promo, which is an interview with the author/writer of the Psalmstress CD.  We both collaborated on the music.  I did the arranging and mixing/mastering.  The Psalms in order as they appear on the Psalmstress CD are 148, 123, 12, 137, 103, 124, 115, 47, and 136.

On most sites you get around 30 seconds of music per song.  The interview is 15 min 45 sec, roughly 1 min 45 sec of snippets each Psalm.

The purpose of the demo is to give enough of each song so you can make the decision of whether you like the CD enough to make the purchase.  I believe we've accomplished that.

A few months ago we were appointed as the worship team in a new startup/outshoot.

The church is Methodist, but we are non-denominational. Should everything go as planned we will be filing as a 501-c3 and become our own entity.

I guess this post will conclude our introduction.

If you are an author/writer of original Christ centered songs, we would like to meet you.

Fare ye well.

Hello Kevin, (my hand is raised) ;-)

I'd be happy to talk more about this with you.



That would be great.


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