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What notation do you give your team?

Spinning off from the discussion of 'irrelevant skills', and particularly the subsection about what to call the chord spelt: B D F A C (Dm7…

Started by Wulf Forrester-Barker

11 Oct 3
Reply by Charles Wolff

Worship Musicians Skipping Out on the Preaching

I was in a discussion with someone about this yesterday and thought I'd drop it here for everyone to chime in on... What are your thoughts,…

Started by Nathan Gifford

10 Aug 15
Reply by Lorraine Doswell

How to Put Together the Perfect Worship Service

Here you have it... after all of these years of trying... the answers are now provided for you!

Started by Nathan Gifford

4 Jun 22
Reply by Lorraine Doswell

Do you post Sunday set lists to social media for your congregation?

I've seen some churches that post their Sunday set list on social media during the week so the congregation knows what songs are being sung…

Started by Nathan Gifford

2 Jun 21
Reply by Charles Wolff

I need some advice regarding worship

I am the worship chair of the contemporary service at my United Methodist church. The contemporary service at this church has been in exist…

Started by Melissa Geiger

26 May 4
Reply by Kevin Auralee

Starting a worship team from scratch

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on how to recruit vocalist and musicians for a worship team. We currently worship with videos at our church…

Started by David Wettrich

11 Mar 22
Reply by David Wettrich

Method(s) of Chord Chart Organization

Hey everyone! I'm struggling to figure out what to do instead of printing out the same chord charts over and over, week by week. All I can…

Started by Todd Hirano

19 Mar 20
Reply by Jeanne Lun

How do you recruit new worship team members?

Hi, I am interested to know how your team recruits for new members. Do you advertise? Do auditions? Have posters, booths, flyers, etc.  And…

Started by Denise April G. Rivera

10 Mar 10
Reply by David Wettrich

Full-time or Part-time worship leader?

I know some of us are full-time staff at a church, but some are bi-vocational "part-time", handling the music ministry on top of another jo…

Started by Nathan Gifford

20 Mar 7
Reply by Nathan Gifford

Do you require sound and media techs to attend rehearsals?

As the title asks... in your church, do you expect sound and media techs to be there at your worship rehearsals each week? In my experience…

Started by Nathan Gifford

3 Feb 16
Reply by Nathan Gifford


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